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Michigan Butterfly Network Director
Ashley Anne Wick
Biological Research Director, Kalamazoo Nature Center
(269) 381-1574 x12

Michigan Butterfly Network Coordinator
Kyle Bibby
Conservation Research Coordinator, Kalamazoo Nature Center
(269) 381-1574 x 22 

Get Involved

This project would not be possible without the involvement of partner organizations across Michigan and intrepid citizen scientists who collect real scientific data. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting and growing project or want to know more information, please contact us here. We are looking for partner organizations across Michigan, citizen scientists who will walk census routes and record butterfly sightings, and there are opportunities for student internships.

Butterfly Monitors

Requirements? Inquisitive, love for the outdoors, ability to learn butterfly species

Citizen Scientist Butterfly Monitors will:
  • Attend training sessions to learn standardized protocol and common butterfly species and gain field identification skills
  • Choose and map a site within their community to survey
  • Conduct six surveys of their site throughout the summer (June-August)
  • Submit data to the MiBN

To Apply to be a Butterfly Monitor at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, apply online by filling out an application form. In the "assignment preferences" field, indicate your interest in being a butterfly monitor

Partner Organizations

A partner organization will:
  • Advertise and publicize MiBN to attract and engage new volunteers in the region
  • Hold monitor training sessions for volunteers in the spring of every year using established MiBN protocol
  • Work with volunteers to establish census routes and sites 
  • Manage and communicate with volunteers 
  • Participate in meetings, events, workshops, etc. for state-wide and regional collaborators
  • Submit data to the MiBN


 The Kalamazoo Nature Center and Michigan Butterfly Network are accepting internships. Contact us for further details. 

An intern with MiBN at the KNC will (but not limited to):

  • Coordinate, and communicate with volunteers and partner organizations
  • Assist in various research projects 
  • Manage and update website and forum
  • Data management and analysis


Training Dates

Training is necessary to become a butterfly monitor. The Kalamazoo Nature Center or your closest regional hub will provide you with training on how to follow the protocol of the Michigan Butterfly Network. In addition, there is training provided on how to identify the butterflies you are likely to encounter. Training usually consists of 1-2 workshops indoors and a separate day in the field for practice. 

Our 2014 trainings are completed and monitors are busy collecting data on their census routes!

Kalamazoo Nature Center

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