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The Michigan Butterfly Network seeks to assess the changing population status of our state’s butterfly species, evaluate the quality of Michigan ecosystems, and engage the Michigan public in significant community science research.

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The Michigan Butterfly Network is a butterfly conservation program of the Kalamazoo Nature Center based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Michigan Butterfly Network's primary function is a community science based butterfly monitoring initiative involving partner cities across the state. Since 2011, community scientists (people like you!) have been gathering vital data on our local butterfly populations. 

Butterflies are powerful indicators of the quality and health of ecosystems. Sensitive to land use and habitat changes, many of our butterfly species have been declining in abundance due to habitat loss, fragmentation, and climate change. We must monitor both common and rare butterflies during the summer months and we need your help!

Monitoring butterfly populations over several years allows us to better understand butterfly ecology, population changes, and to direct attention to species in decline before it is too late. Will you help make a difference in our state?


Butterfly Monitoring 

Many Michigan butterfly species have drastically declined in numbers due to habitat loss, fragmentation, and climate change.  In order to gain insight on butterfly population patterns and trends, we need to monitor butterflies in the field when they are most active. If you are interested in this vital citizen science initiative, please register for our spring training sessions. 

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Butterfly Field Trips

Want to learn more about butterflies while out in some of Michigan's most beautiful natural areas? Join the Michigan Butterfly Network on one of our summer field trip opportunities! Wether you're an expert or novice these butterflying field trips offer something new and exciting for everyone to enjoy. 

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Partner With Us

We love partnering with like-minded organizations who wish to play a larger role in training citizen scientists and monitoring butterflies within the natural areas in their communities. Creating these vital links enables a more accurate representation of butterfly population data to be collected and we can work together toward better management practices to keep Michigan's butterfly populations thriving. 

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